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A warm, winter Solstice

20 June 2017

What mountain are you climbing?

16 March 2017


A winter’s tale

11 July 2017


GWII’s birthday bash carnival

8 August 2017


An afternoon of bowls

25 August 2017


Mexican Fiesta

9 November 2017

There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.

- Washington Irving

(The Sketch Book)

Photo Gallery of GWII Events

An afternoon of bowls

25 August 2017

Save the serious stuff for the serious tournaments!

Getting together with the ladies for an afternoon of bowls is a great way to mix exercise and encourage friendly competition.

Gauteng Women In Insurance (GWII) rallied up the ladies for an afternoon of bowls, sponsored by Innosys, at the Killarney Country Club on 25 August.

What a fun day!

Starting off the day, the ladies were treated to refreshing welcome drinks and a scrumptious light lunch, followed by a quick lesson in bowls where coach Mike showed the ladies the ins and outs of the sport.  

Off to the greens, in their teams, ladies sporting their takkies and sporty outfits began what was… a day to remember!

Some played better than others, but in essence the feedback from the attending members all in all was that the event was  one of the best events they have attended with some labelling it as “fun”, “great”, “superbly outrageous”, “definitely one of the best we have had” and “I enjoyed the networking at the event and meeting new people”.

Awarded efforts

After breaking a sweat, from the greens the ladies headed to the patio for some canapés and yummy desserts. The day ended off with a prize giving session. Prizes were given for the best team, the best gees people, followed by lucky draws.

The best team: - This was a draw between three teams that got the same score. One member form each team had to draw a number out of a hat (one, two, and three) to determine their prize.

 The team that got the number one got R1000 Woolworths vouchers;

 The team that drew the number two got R 500 Woolworths vouchers; and

 The team that drew the number three got R 300 Woolworths vouchers.

Four of the best gees people received a R1000 Woolworths vouchers; and the lucky draw ladies also received Woolworths vouchers.

GWII would like to thank main sponsor, Innosys, as this event would not have been possible without them.  GWII would also like to thank all the members who took part in this fun day…it was a lovely day indeed!

Ladies were asked to bring R50 entrance fees which will be donated to the nominated charity, The Sports Trust for the underprivileged.